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WordPress Hosting

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

WordPress is one of the most popular open-source blogging platforms available.  It’s used by millions of users around the world due to it’s user friendly interface and the fact that there are tons of free themes and plugins available.  If you’re looking to start a blog or even a simple website WordPress is the way to go.  Today we’re going to look at hosting companies that fully support WordPress and even offer a one-click WordPress installer.  Having a hosting provider who fully supports WordPress is critical.

First up we look at who not only fully supports WordPress but also offers a free one click installer for WordPress.  Having a one click installer means you can literally install WordPress within seconds and begin to work on your blog or website.  We tested WordPress on HostUpon’s starter unlimited and business unlimited plans and both fully supported wordpress and also included the one click install.  HostUpon also offers live chat which we tested and the staff was quite friendly.  The one thing we loved about HostUpon was that they do not outsource any of their support or sales.  It’s so rare in the industry to have a company who doesn’t outsource.  Whether we did live chat, submitted a support ticket or called them we were speaking with someone who worked directly for the company, pretty cool.  If you’re seriously considering a WordPress Web Host we recommend the guys at, they clearly have an upper hand in the wordpress hosting industry.

If you have any other hosting providers who support wordpress and you wish for us to review them let us know!


Is My Site Down For Me Or For Everyone?

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Have you ever wondered if your website was down for you only or for everyone?

Well we stumbled upon a tool to tell you if your website is down or if it’s just your computer.

Check out: Is My Site Down?

This is a very handy tool to see if your website is down for just you or for everyone.Simply go to the website above and type in your domain name.The results will show you if your website is done or if it’s just your computer, simple as that!Feel free to share the URL:

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